Jazzmys “Svangssons Mysik”

Now there is an opportunity for the most fastidious listeners, the greatest experts: the children, to get a musical experience they will lately forget. An audience who participates with singing and moving to the music, makes it even more amusing! You will meet the Svängsson family in their music store.
Mum Gunvor is running the cash desk and plays the double bass. Dad Börje works in the stockroom, but he rather plays his drums. Brother Martin is responsible for the keyboard department, but most of the time he sits by the big black grand piano.
Little sister Lisa is the boss of the store. She charms the costumers and sings so the whole shop swings! Join the Svängsson family for one day of adventure in their music store!
The album ”Svängssons mysik” is made with the same refreshing energy and uninhibited atmosphere, as Jazzmys has given children at shows, during many years. We hope that you will enjoy it!

The album “Svängssons mysik” was nominated for a Swedish Grammy 2010!

Jazzmys are:
Lisa Östergren – vocals,
Martin Östergren-piano and vocals,
Andreas Landegren-piano and vocals,
Isak Andersson-drums and vocals,
Putte F-M Johander-double bass and vocals

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