Babakarej “Jag skäms ihjäl”


Jag skäms ihjälBabakarej: Jag skäms ihjäl
Release den 4.e februari

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Med några skisser i bagaget, komponerades och inspelades musiken under tre intensiva dagar på den lilla ön, Nordkoster i Skagerack. Låtarna på albumet är märkbart präglade av den svenske skärgårdsidyllen bladat med det barska ö- och sjölivet som råder utanför turistsäsongen.

De övervägande akustiska och songwriterklingande svenske sångerna rör sig i ett starkt kontrasterande universum, såväl melodiskt som textmässigt.

Musiken låter som pop, punk, visa och afrika, och växlar mellan långsam minimalism till akustisk hysteri med trestämmig kör som sammanfogande kitt. Den ger i all sin enkelhet och intensitet lyssnaren en upplevelse av att kastas mellan brusande lycka och hjärtskärande tonårs elände.

Babakarej är: Stephan Sieben – gitarr, sång, Putte Johander – bas, sång, Qarin Wikström – sång, klaviatur

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Jazzmys “Tuta och kör”

Familjen Svängsson har stängt musikaffären och begett sig
ut på äventyr. Musiken tar de med sig och jazzar loss rejält
på resan. Det uppstår många möten och den nyfikna familjen
hittar ny musik, allt från trumpetreggae till disk-disco.

Jazzmys bildades för tolv år sedan. De har gett konserter och
turnerat i snart varenda liten vrå av Sveriges avlånga land
och även i Finland under senare år.

Monkeybar: “Dear You”

Monkeybar are here with their debut album “Dear You”. They have been playing together for years and developed their music which sounds like a mix of pop, techno, jazz, singer-songwriter, rock in a quite natural blend. The music is all original, except for a very special version of Händel’s (yes the composer) Lascia ch’io pianga.

Steinar Nickelsen plays keyboards, mostly analog synths (arp2600, obx, minimoog, prophet …) B3 organ and also sings(!)

Erik Nylander  plays drums and runs the drum machine

Listen for yourself and get a copy of the CD !
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Solid! “Visitor”

SOLID! has been one of Norway’s premiere organ trios for over ten years, comprising three of the country’s finest young jazz musicians. SOLID! takes the guitar/organ/drums format, so rich in tradition, into new musical territory with their interplay, inspired improvisations and original compositions. SOLID! was voted “Young Jazzmusicians of the year 2002” by the Norwegian Jazz Forum and the Norwegian Concert Institute. They also won the grand prize in the Getxo International Jazz Contest in Spain in 2003, and they won both the soloist prize and the ”audience’ favorite-prize”. SOLID! has over the last 5 years toured in countries such as Nepal, India, Ireland, Sweden, Belgium, Vietnam, France and USA.

The majority of the trio’s repertoire is composed by guitarist Bjørn Vidar Solli. The music is rooted in American jazz, but there is a certain undeniable European influence as well. The music varies between hard swinging jazz to more open and subtle soundscapes. They explore and exploit the sonic possibilities of the three instruments and draw on a variety of influences such as rock, pop, hip hop and classical music. And since Solli has spent most of his time in New York the last 5 years his compositions and playing contain a distinct New York-esque flavor. Organist Daniel Formo’s fresh and original sound combined with the elegant touch and incomparable drive of Håkon Mjåset Johansen, fronted by Bjorn Solli with his inventive and swinging guitar playing makes SOLID! one of Norway’s most exciting jazz outfits.

New York based tenor saxophonist/composer Seamus Blake is recognized as one of the finest and most creative young players in jazz. John Scofield, who hired him for his “Quiet Band,” calls him “extraordinary, a total saxophonist.” In February 2002, he took first place in the Thelonious Monk International Jazz Saxophone Competition in Washington D. C. As the winner, he performed with Wayne Shorter and Herbie Hancock.

“Visitor” is SOLID!’s 4th album and was recorded in April 2010 after a week-long tour in Norway with saxophonist Seamus Blake. Guitarist Solli has composed most of the repertoire, with additional compositions by organist Formo, the multifarious artist Lyder Janøy and producer/songwriter/film composer Jon Brion. The album was recorded in legendary Rainbow Studios in Oslo, Norway by Jan Erik Kongshaug and Peer Espen Ursfjord.

Seamus Blake – saxophone
Bjørn Vidar Solli – guitar
Daniel Formo – organ
Håkon Mjåset Johansen – drums

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Peloton: “The Early Years”

The Early Years peloton’s second release on the label Parallell ( The album is inspired by the creative, open-minded and improvisational approach that often characterizes the early years of a development, before the attitudes and preferences have been set, and something is defined as right or wrong.

During the first years of the development of the bike, there was an incredible diversity of creative ideas and thoughts that resulted in the most remarkable structures. Eventually there came a point where the bike’s design was set, and since then, it has stayed like that the the last 100 years.

On this release Peloton has captured the energy that occurs when a group explore different structures and defines itself through 12 pieces of music composed by the band members individually or together in studio. Inspired by the freshness and playfulness of the uncertain and unfinished the music balances between composed and improvised material.

Peloton is an electro-acoustic quintet that in recent years has attracted international attention with its distinctive sound and unconventional lineup. In The Early Years, you can hear the urge to research combined with the joy of playing. Peloton catches the band’s many opportunities, and cultivate the music also by defining smaller ensembles within the band.

The musicians in Peloton are also involved in the following projeckts: Fattigfolket, Monoswezi, Vertex, Marvel Machine, Excess Luggage, Ola Kvernberg “Liarbird” and Magic Pocket.

Peloton (plotô) s.m. l. a group or team who work together to achieve a desired result.

karl strømme – trumpet, synth
hallvard godal – saxophone
petter vågan – guitar, lap-steel
steinar nickelsen – arp, oberheim, moog
erik nylander – drums

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Excess Luggage: “Hand Luggage Only”

Excess Luggage released their debut album “Excess Luggage” in 2008 and have since toured extensively with their heavy instruments. Both carrying techniques and the musicianship has improved during these three years with heavy luggage. The band now present itself with more musical confidence, safely packed in the hand luggage to avoid any incidents like lost or delayed luggage. Excess Luggage does have a special line up. Piano, organ and drums are not only among the most heavy trio instrumentation you can think of, but also a musically unusual and inspiring format. Being able to combine the groovy feel of the B3 organ with the harmonic possiblities of the piano you would think that this set up should be more common. Hopefully this band can make it become more common.

With the release of “Hand Luggage Only” the band wants to shows concert- and festival organizers around the world that they know how to get around without paying high excess luggage fees. And of course presenting the new material to their fans and audiences. The new CD consists of 5 new tunes written by organist Nickelsen, 2 tunes by pianist Storaas as well as the standard tune “If I Should Lose You”. These are all tunes and arrangement that have developed on the road while touring in Europe and Asia. “Annoying You” presents an annoying but enjoyable melody, Kunming was written and performed in the city in China with the same name. “Jimmy’s Thai Kitchen” was written after the concert at this Thai restaurant in Beijing. “Corrupted Mirror” did first seem like a puzzle as the band couldn’t figure out what time signature they played in, but they show on this recording that it is possible to travel without worrying about at what exact time the flight is.

Vigleik Storaas: One of Norways most important jazz pianists. Have won 2 norwegian Grammys (“Spellemansprisen”) and played with international stars as Karin Krogh, Terje Rypdal, NHØP, Chet Baker, Jack DeJohnette, Warne Marsh

Steinar Nickelsen: Was elected “Young Norwegian jazz musician of the year” in 2002 with the band “Solid!”. Have lived and played extensively in Denmark and Asia. Know from “Pål Thowsen Trio”, Jupiter, Peloton. Have also played with “Trondheim Jazz orchestra” featuring Pat Metheny.

Håkon Mjåset Johansen: Was at a young age established as one of Norways leading drummers with the norwegian Grammy winning band “Urban Connection”. Have played with Chick Corea, Michael Brecker, Jan Garbarek, Bobby McFerrin, Motif, IPA

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Sound clip: Annoying you

Sidiki Camara Band: “Tolerance”

Sidiki Camara is one of Mali’s leading contemporary percussionists and composers, and is one of the creators of the modern wave of Manding music from Mali. From the beginning of his musical career, he played with important musicians from Mali such as: Ali Farka Toure, Toumani Diabate, Oumou Sangare and Habib Koite.

Sidiki has toured the world extensively as a solo percussionist with the Mali National Ballet. He has been a guest on several tours with Bill Frisell New Quartet, and is a regular member of Bill Frisell’s band “Intercontinental”. Sidiki also teaches percussion and is the founder of the cultural exchange program “Wakinama” After several years in Brussels where he continued to cooperate with musicians such as Kasse Mady Diabate, Djelimady Tounkara, Mamady Keita, Rokia Traoré and Boubacar Traoré, he now lives in Oslo, Norway.

After Sidiki Camara moved to Oslo, he started a band with musicians living in Norway with a common passion for Manding music, who have been active in several projects with African musicians, and bring influence of jazz and country to the group sound.

In the Manding tradition, music and dancing are tightly integrated with mutual influence. There is little distinction between performer and audience, all are actively involved in music and is seen as equally important in creating the music.

The two most important instruments in Sidiki`s music, is the djembe and the calabash, which have been with him all his life. The calabash is a semi-hollowed out and dried gourd, that he used as a bathtub already as an infant. In addition to playing percussion instruments, Sidiki players the traditional string instrument n’goni, which is similar to the more famous kora. Sidiki has written the lyrics in his mother tongue Malinke.

Dieudonne Vakote – on top of the hit-lists in Cameroon with his album Samira
Hallvard Godal – active with Monoswezi, Fattigfolket, Peloton and Eduardo Durčo Timbila Orchestra
Øivind Wang Tollefsen – played on cds with String Zone and Primal Spirit
Joakim Frøystein – award-winning conservatory educated guitar-player, known from Jogujo Circuit and Sugarghost
Bård Gunnar Moe – known from amongst others Primal Spirit

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Monoswezi: “Monoswezi”

Monoswezi is a quintet with musicians from Mozambique, Norway, Sweden and Zimbabwe, based on traditional African music in addition to some music written by Hallvard, Putte and Erik. With a strong improvisational approach. With a common passion for traditional African music in general, and music from the Shona people of Zimbabwe in particular, Monoswezi seeks a musical expression, where respect for tradition is combined with different references and experiences from modern Western music.
Very often, the Shona music will be accompanied by dancing and participation by the audience. In Shona music, there is little distinction between the performer and the audience, both are often actively involved in the music-making, and both are important in the religious ceremonies where Shona Music is often heard. Musicians are a known as people who share more than people who perform.
The musicians in Monoswezi are also involved in bands like Sidiki Camara Band, Ola Kvernberg Trio, Lekverk, Fattigfolket, Erik Nylander Orkester, Peloton, and Tore Brunborg Trio. Hallvard, Putte and Erik has also had a longer stays in Mozambique, Ghana and Gambia and have been playing with a variety of musicians there.

Nqoblie Valentine Khoza – percusion, mbira, marimba, voice.
Xavier Samito Tembe – percusion, voice.
Hallvard Godal – saxophone, clarinet.
Putte Johander – bass.
Erik Nylander – drums og percusion

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Sarah Riedel: “Memories of a Lost Lane”

Sarah Riedel is characteristic; thought-out, elegant and emotional. With a reflecting voice, a lingering frasing and a natural diction her songs seem to float in the direction of the listener. The refined arrangements for string quartett and jazz trio gets a hold in every context and becomes an engulfing whole for the listener; a world full of detail in wich the musicians sensitively approaches the very essence of the music. Sarah Riedel lets the lyrics come out and leave their mark on the music; the poetic and the bizzare provides this cd with both character and strength.
Sarah Riedel has for some years now gotten much attention as a singer. In February she was nominated for the Swedish Radio’s prestigious Jazzkatten-award. She was Grammy nominated in Sweden for her participation on the jazz album Hemligheter på vägen and was awarded the Sten A Ohlsson cultural grant in 2008. Audience and critics have given her unified praise and the reception has also been very favorable internationally; she has toured countrys such as Japan, Belgium and Finland.
April 13 2010 Sarah Riedels debut album consisting of solely original material will be released. Sarah has done it brilliantly; the music, sometimes beautiful, sometimes bold and tense, is very current. Memories of a lost Lane holds great expectations; this detailed album speaks strongly for that Sarah Riedel, with her natural presence on stage and her musical integrity, will go far.

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LEKVERK: everyday

/// Jazz meets 80′s Korg synths meets a citchen sink and a sofa. ///
The result? Lekverk’s “Everyday Music” as can be heard on the brand new album “Everyday”.
Lekverk redefines the concept of home recording and creates a new kind of fresh sounding music out of their everyday surroundings. Combining instruments such as harmonium, synthesizer, electric bass with things like a sofa, a citchen sink and cutlery, they provide you with a unique kind of Jazz du Jour. In recent years Lekverk have made themselves known as a band with an unusual integrity. Displaying an unusual talent for combining intensity with an inviting playfulness the group has caught the attention of both the audience and the media.

Adam Forkelid: Korg DW-6000, Korg Poly-800, Yamaha PSS-170, Wurlitzer piano, acoustic piano, harmonium, melodica
Putte Johander: double bass, electric bass, synth bass (on Everyday Music).
Jon Fält: drums, cymbals, windchimes, sofa, coffee table, cardboard box, frame drum, radiatior, and more.

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Erik Nylanders Orkester “A Festa Vale Tudo”

Drummer Erik Nylander is a busy man on the norwegian jazz scene, playing in numerous bands in all sorts of styles such as Ola Kvernberg Trio og Kobert. After thinking a long time of making his own orchestra, he gathered a bunch of collegues in the studio. He is now launching his first self-produced album with this band, February 6, 2010.
Behind the name Erik Nylanders orkester six musicians play in several constellations, experimenting in a wide range of character. The sound of A FESTA VALE TUDO could remind you of Sigur Rós, Jim Black or even pling plong and indian raga music. Melancolic, beautiful and a little abstract.

Petter Vågan: lap steel, guitar, fx
Hanna Gjermundrød: vocal
Eivind Lønning: trumpet
Espen Reinertsen: saxophone
Ole Morten Vågan: elbass, fx
Erik Nylander: drums, percussion

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Jazzmys “Svangssons Mysik”

Now there is an opportunity for the most fastidious listeners, the greatest experts: the children, to get a musical experience they will lately forget. An audience who participates with singing and moving to the music, makes it even more amusing! You will meet the Svängsson family in their music store.
Mum Gunvor is running the cash desk and plays the double bass. Dad Börje works in the stockroom, but he rather plays his drums. Brother Martin is responsible for the keyboard department, but most of the time he sits by the big black grand piano.
Little sister Lisa is the boss of the store. She charms the costumers and sings so the whole shop swings! Join the Svängsson family for one day of adventure in their music store!
The album ”Svängssons mysik” is made with the same refreshing energy and uninhibited atmosphere, as Jazzmys has given children at shows, during many years. We hope that you will enjoy it!

The album “Svängssons mysik” was nominated for a Swedish Grammy 2010!

Jazzmys are:
Lisa Östergren – vocals,
Martin Östergren-piano and vocals,
Andreas Landegren-piano and vocals,
Isak Andersson-drums and vocals,
Putte F-M Johander-double bass and vocals

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Nickelsen, Nylander, Strømme: “Corrupted Mirror”

This band took shape in the recordingstudio where the musicians met without any special idea or intension. 3 original compositions and groovy free improvisations.

Karl Strømme – trumpet, synth
Steinar Nickelsen – Oberheim OB-X
Erik Nylander – drums

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Peloton: “Selected Recordings”

Peloton is an electro-acoustic quintet that through their unique expression has gained international recognition. Peloton plays original compositions founded on improvisation. Peloton was founded in 2004, and has toured clubs and festivals in Scandinavia to very good response. Their debut CD from 2007 has been critically acclaimed and played on radio in Norway, Sweden, Germany, France, Poland, England, Portugal, Greece, USA, Australia and Colombia.

karl strømme – trumpet, synth
hallvard godal – saxophone
petter vågan – guitar, lap-steel
steinar nickelsen – arp, oberheim, moog
erik nylander – drums

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