LEKVERK: everyday

/// Jazz meets 80′s Korg synths meets a citchen sink and a sofa. ///
The result? Lekverk’s “Everyday Music” as can be heard on the brand new album “Everyday”.
Lekverk redefines the concept of home recording and creates a new kind of fresh sounding music out of their everyday surroundings. Combining instruments such as harmonium, synthesizer, electric bass with things like a sofa, a citchen sink and cutlery, they provide you with a unique kind of Jazz du Jour. In recent years Lekverk have made themselves known as a band with an unusual integrity. Displaying an unusual talent for combining intensity with an inviting playfulness the group has caught the attention of both the audience and the media.

Adam Forkelid: Korg DW-6000, Korg Poly-800, Yamaha PSS-170, Wurlitzer piano, acoustic piano, harmonium, melodica
Putte Johander: double bass, electric bass, synth bass (on Everyday Music).
Jon Fält: drums, cymbals, windchimes, sofa, coffee table, cardboard box, frame drum, radiatior, and more.

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