Peloton: “The Early Years”

The Early Years peloton’s second release on the label Parallell ( The album is inspired by the creative, open-minded and improvisational approach that often characterizes the early years of a development, before the attitudes and preferences have been set, and something is defined as right or wrong.

During the first years of the development of the bike, there was an incredible diversity of creative ideas and thoughts that resulted in the most remarkable structures. Eventually there came a point where the bike’s design was set, and since then, it has stayed like that the the last 100 years.

On this release Peloton has captured the energy that occurs when a group explore different structures and defines itself through 12 pieces of music composed by the band members individually or together in studio. Inspired by the freshness and playfulness of the uncertain and unfinished the music balances between composed and improvised material.

Peloton is an electro-acoustic quintet that in recent years has attracted international attention with its distinctive sound and unconventional lineup. In The Early Years, you can hear the urge to research combined with the joy of playing. Peloton catches the band’s many opportunities, and cultivate the music also by defining smaller ensembles within the band.

The musicians in Peloton are also involved in the following projeckts: Fattigfolket, Monoswezi, Vertex, Marvel Machine, Excess Luggage, Ola Kvernberg “Liarbird” and Magic Pocket.

Peloton (plotô) s.m. l. a group or team who work together to achieve a desired result.

karl strømme – trumpet, synth
hallvard godal – saxophone
petter vågan – guitar, lap-steel
steinar nickelsen – arp, oberheim, moog
erik nylander – drums

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